Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ryone Yami's Voicebank Download

Yami VCV Voice Download Site→竜音闇音源配布サイト

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The UTAU Ryone Yami is an electronic vocal synthesizer, able to run to with the program UTAU.

Yami is based off the Popular 4ch meme (BEST OC ever): Ecstasy AKA Darks. The catchphrase "stay up all night" is retained. Yami's original name was Zetsuchoukan (Romanized as Zecchoukan for the kanji spelling) and connotates a rush of euphoria. Upon marrying Ryone Saru (romanized as Ryuune), Yami changed his last name to match his husband's.

Character Profile:
Yami is male, 13 years old, likes knives, blood, psychos, greenday and... staying up all night. And his voicebanks are optimally suited for ballad types songs. He dislikes love and peace. Yami's birthday is on 08/05. His first release date was on April, 2010. His height is 160cm, and he weighs 95 lbs (43 kgs). 

(yami by pikiru@deviantart)

To run Yami on non-Japanese locale computers, please use the program Applocale.

CV/ 単独音:

Core Yami CV- yami core CV

Yami 単独音 (2012)-  ACT2 CV

VCV/ 連続音:

Yami Act 4 update version (8 set multipitch vcv : Core + strong):
Yami Act 4 Download Link

Yami Raku (5 set pitch Append VCV + whisper set)
YAMI RAKU VCV DOWNLOAD(5ピッチ連続音+囁き連続音ダウンロード

Yami is created by desubunny of with the intention to troll everyone at once.


Yami's Lat式+Tda式改変 MMD model: MMD DL

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  1. LOL I'm currently devWATCHing desubunny on dA. I love all her pictures of Yami. Little trap, isn't he? XDD